CAD Consulting

At NOVA SYNERGIA, we have mastered multiple CATIA products of Dassault Systemes because we understand that intelligent and efficient use of softwares is a real competitive advantage in today’s market. We do offer a wide range of solutions and services such as automation, implementation, administration, methodology, training, support and more.


Dassault Systemes , developer of CATIA, cannot take into account all of contingencies and specific aspects related to a company’s CAD needs. Understading this gap, NOVA SYNERGIA has assembled a team of programmers dedicated to the development of personalized automation tools for improved efficiency and optimized productivity.

We divide these development in two main groups which are Customization and Software development.

Our programmer’s expertise in the CATIA API, advanced programming languages (VBA, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C++) and databases ( SQL, ORACLE) enables NOVA SYNERGIA to develop high performance tools very often exceeding customer requirements.

Implementation \ Administration

Our team of expert advisors and system administrators can assist you in your choices of platforms, configurations and products that best meet the specific needs of your company. We also orient clients during an implementation or a migration of platforms for a flawless execution.

Methodology \ Training \ Support

Every company needs a comprehensive set of work processes in order for each department to function cohesively and efficiently. Our clients can benefit from our consultants knowledge and expertise to produce methodologies, trainings and technical support while assuring the transfer of the best practices throughout the organization.